WebSphere MQ
Enterprise Encryption
z/OS Performance Testing
Create multi-protocol WSim or TPNS test environment/framework from GTF traces, TCP traces, IMS traces, CICS traces, user captures and Cobol copybooks. This work is typically completed in one to six weeks and you will have a working and modifiable test environment.
Hiperstation2WSIM and EnterpriseTester2WSim applications seamlessly convert all native Compuware Hiperstation or CA Enterprise Tester scripts into IBM's WSim and TPNS scripts.
Conduct performance testing using WSimDashboard application provides WSim with a step-line debugger, system monitor and WSim operations console.
WSim Toolkit is an integrated set of scripts( and methodology) that provides the basis for rapid development of WSim Performance test scripts.
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Create and build WebSphere MQ compliant middleware. Design and develop WebSphere MQ applications on a variety of platforms.
Create custom ICSF / DB2 / IMS mainframe Cobol /C /C++ /PLI / Rexx RSA / DES programs
Create custom Java based RSA and DES programs
ePKI - from definition through to implementation
Custom single or multi-tier CA solutions

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Get an idea on what services we have performed for others. We offer a broad range of services for the WebSphere MQ, Encryption ePKI, and Performance testing market space, from installation and training, to application design and architecture review. Help guide clients to select the appropriate mixture of hardware/software and build vs buy solutions.