WebSphere MQ
Enterprise Encryption
z/OS Performance Testing
The ISPF MQ product line has three tools:
1) z/ISPFMQ MQ Message Editor for z/OS
2) z/MQTSTR MQ Message Tester for z/OS
3) z/MQPLUS MQ Editor, Tester and Admin Lite for z/OS

These applications allow users to view, manipulate and manage messages in a queue of a WebSphere MQ for z/OS queue manager, and in files presenting the data in a simplified format similar to a database utility or spreadsheet program:
View, edit, update and store MQ message data, message descriptor (MD) fields and header data such as MQDLH, MQRFH, MQRFH2, MQIMS, MQCICS, MQHSAP.
Capture and playback MQ messages, including MD and MO fields, with user specified inter-message delay.
Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (EPKI) Manager.
For issuance & management of enterprise-wide SSL Certificates.
WSimCodeGet application creates WSim scripts and a WSimDashboard test environment from Cobol copybooks.
Hiperstation and Enterprise Tester conversion too WSim applications seamlessly convert all native Hiperstation or Enterprise Tester scripts into WSim scripts.
WSimDashboard application provides WSim with a step-line debugger, performance monitor and WSim operations console.
WSim Toolkit is an integrated set of scripts and methodology) that provides the basis for rapid development of WSim Performance test scripts.
Work simultaneously with upto 100 queues and large messages (up to 4.2MB)
- Store and retrieve messages from and to files
- Determine response time in MQ applications
All z/OS MQ products work with MQ without relying on PC based software or Client Access Facility (CAF) connectivity
Audit ISPFMQ activity by selectively logging Open, Close, Get (Destruct), Get(ReadOnly) and Put MQ API calls
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